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Title: While You Wait
Fandom: Doctor Who
Author: lunaillustris / Gill
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5213
Spoilers: set Post-Doomsday with vague references to series one, two & three.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is owned by the BBC.
Summary: The Doctor and Rose take some time to do some things they’re good at: traveling and having fun, and some things they’re not so good at: discussing the future (and remembering the past).
Written For: neverwinterfor the ten_n_tyler Secret Santa Ficathon 2007
Prompts: Post Doomsday, fluff with hints of angst, reminiscence, photograph
A/N: I hope you enjoy it and you don’t mind that the Tyler family and a bit of domesticity managed to worm their way in. Have a Merry Christmas!

The Doctor and Rose, having finally managed to be reunited after the Cybermen-Dalek incident, were currently returning to the Tyler mansion in the parallel universe after having taken a couple of hours to take in some more universal sights (the Doctor preferring these to seeing more of parallel London).

Having found an alternative, temporary, power source for the TARDIS to be used in the parallel universe the Doctor had explained to Rose that they could still use his magnificent ship for a while before she would have to return to her original universe. It had, then, turned into a rather bittersweet reunion in which they were trying to spend as long as they could right next to each other.

It’s a little bit different, of course – they’re both older and both wiser – they were never going to stay exactly the same; always growing and changing and living. They’ve seen so much and it all becomes part of them; the happiness and the pain, the laughter and the tears. There are hurdles to jump over and bridges to cross. But the basics are still sitting beneath the surface – the Doctor and Rose Tyler; together (how things should be).

They tumbled rather uncomfortably through the vortex and landed quite roughly just outside the Tyler country mansion which was covered in light snow and festive Christmas lights.

“Where have you been?” came Jackie’s loud voice outside the TARDIS doors. “Hours I’ve been waiting around for you – hours and hours!” She stormed in through the doors (without so much as a courteous knock) rubbing away the cold from her arms and marched right up to the central console where the Doctor and Rose were standing and seemed to have just finished enjoying a rather humorous story as their lips failed to meet a frown or even an ‘oh’ in surprise. “Oh, that’s nice – absolutely wonderful – you two just strolling around time and bloody space while I wait around hoping you haven’t just dropped dead somewhere,” Jackie took a deep breath in which the Doctor took as his cue to speak.

“That’s very nice of you, Jackie, caring about us like that,” the Doctor said looking rather smug that he actually mattered to Jackie Tyler. Rose elbowed him in the side and he responded with a loud “what did you do that for!?”

“I wasn’t worried about you – it’s all very well being able to change your entire body but my Rose doesn’t have that sort of power. For all I knew you could’ve been attacked by a swarm of giant bees and you could have changed into an even more annoying you and you’d just leave Rose all alone out there.”

“You’ve seen the giant bees of Lefortim?” The Doctor asked clearly interested. Rose elbowed him, again.

“Mum – he wouldn’t let anything happen to me! He barely let me two feet away from him before he pulled me back into his reach,” Rose went over to her mum and gave her a warm hug. “Don’t you worry about me, mum,” she told her as she let go. “I can take care of myself.”

“And me!” The Doctor chimed. “I can take care of her too.”

“Well, fine, whatever,” Jackie sighed, clearly defeated in the matter. “Where are the photos, then?”

“The what now?” The Doctor asked frowning.

“The photographs! The one’s I asked you to get developed before you left…” She turned to look at her daughter who, now, seemed to be shrinking. “Rose?”


Oops? What do you mean by ‘oops’?” Jackie asked walking closer to Rose who now seemed to be taking as many steps backwards as she could without being too obvious. The Doctor watched on amused.

“I forgot – I’m sorry, really I am. I – we -” she said quickly, pointing accusingly at the Doctor, “- we lost track of time! And -”

“Oh, yeah, like I’m going to believe that one – ‘lost track of time,’ did you? With a Time Lord?” Jackie pointed in the Doctor’s direction and he simply waved back at her. “Oh, yeah, that’s completely believable.”

“Well, look, this is lovely – really lovely, wonderfully lovely. But, if you don’t mind – I’m not having any of your domestics in my marvellous ship,” the Doctor said grabbing Rose by the hand and pointing to the TARDIS front doors. “Let’s all have a lovely cup of tea. I like tea. Actually, I love tea – you’ll remember how good tea is, Jackie, won’t you?” He ushered an annoyed Jackie out of the TARDIS and dragged Rose behind him. When they got outside he locked the doors and then smiled at Jackie and nodded towards the Tyler mansion standing behind her. “Tea?”


The Doctor, Jackie and Rose were all sat around the kitchen table with a kettle of hot water steaming in the middle of it. Jackie was still grumbling about wasted time and useless aliens whilst Rose was trying to coax her out of a bad mood by offering to cook the family a nice dinner. The Doctor, however, was completely absorbed in the row of tea bags on offer.

“Earl grey,” he said, letting the words test themselves on his tongue. “No, not that one. Peppermint. Hmm… Pe-per-mint… No. Camomile. Nah. Green tea. Tetley. Rich tea – no, wait. Those are biscuits. Never mind. What about -”

“Oh, for goodness sake!” Jackie cried out. “How do you ever get anything done with him rattling on all the time?” Rose let out a quiet giggle as she watched her mum grab a teabag at random and drop it into the Doctor’s mug of water. The Doctor frowned at her, stirred his spoon in his mug and then lifted it to take a sip.

“Oooh. PG Tips. Lovely, thanks for that Jackie,” the Doctor smiled. “You know, on the planet Raxstin they have tea exactly like this except it’s called -”

“I could go out and get those photos done for you mum – I’ll do it now, no detours – I promise,” Rose smiled tentatively at her. “I’ll get them doubled too. And – and – I’ll pay for it all as well.”

“No detours?” Jackie asked stirring her spoon absent-mindedly. “Well,” she snapped, taking a moment to glare suspiciously at both Rose and the Doctor. “Then you should just leave him behind,” she pointed at the Doctor with her teaspoon, managing to send little drops of her tea flying in different directions.

“Mum!” Rose said loudly as she brushed off tea droplets from her hair and clothes.

“Now, come on Jackie – I came all this way to see Rose. She can’t just leave me behind with -”

“Oh, she can’t just leave you behind like you left her behind, you mean?” Jackie stood up from her seat. “Touched a nerve, did I?” Jackie asked as the Doctor gulped down the rest of his tea in response.

“Mum, just leave it. Look, we’ll take my car and I’ll drive and everything,” Rose told her as if this was the key resolution to the whole situation.

“You can’t even be apart for longer than an hour?” Jackie sat back in her seat and resumed stirring her tea. “It’s funny – before two days ago, you were apart for, in our World, about seven years, and now you don’t even know how to let go. And don’t you start Rose – I’m just saying what everyone’s thinking.”

“Mum – just give us some time together. He hasn’t got long,” Rose sighed and managed to find a rather ordinary spill of tea to be the most captivating thing in the world.

“Dying, is he?” Jackie asked harshly. “Or just needs to jet off for a scheduled face-lift?”

“Stop it mum,” Rose sniffed and then left the table, exiting the kitchen and disappearing off into the hallway.

“Don’t you have anything to say for yourself, Mr-Lord-of-Time-and-Space?” Jackie said turning on the Doctor. The Doctor looked at her a little too darkly than he had intended. “Don’t think you scare me, Doctor. You have a habit of breaking my daughter’s hearts and I’m not letting you off that easily.” The Doctor stood up and gave Jackie a sigh.

“You think I’ve been gallivanting about the universe forgetting – don’t you? But I didn’t Jackie – I never forgot – I never forgot her face or her voice or the way she smiled or the things she did. I’m not here by accident,” he let out another sigh and then set off after Rose.

“Oh, that’s right – you go and save my daughter and I’ll look like I’m the one who’s holding her back then,” Jackie said as she watched the Doctor leave. “Nothing’s changed…”


“Rose?” The Doctor was knocking softly on Rose’s bedroom door. “Can I come in, Rose?”

“This is a bit different for you, Doctor,” Pete said as he came up the stairs. “A bit, what did they say you called it – ah, that’s right: domestic.”

“I know you all think that this is just some big accident that I’m here and the I’m just going to dump Rose somewhere when I think I’m bored but -”

“I know Jackie’s been giving you a tough time but you’ve got to understand -” Pete pulled the Doctor away from Rose’s door and continued quietly, “- we’ve had to build up our lives after the whole Cybermen-Dalek fiasco and it wasn’t easy. She was far from being able to let go that day on the beach but she tried and we were all right there behind her. We all love her, Doctor, and we won’t give her up easily – not after everything we’ve been through,” Pete straightened up his tie whilst the Doctor simply nodded at him. “Well, must be off – got to pick up the little one from the neighbours,” Pete left the Doctor on the landing whilst he descended the stairs and made his way to another room on the ground floor.

The Doctor went back to Rose’s door. “Let’s go get those photographs for Jackie!” he said loudly through the wooden door.


An hour later, after convincing a rather sceptical Jackie that they would not be flying off into space, the Doctor and Rose were sat in Rose’s car driving to the camera shop.

“I always thought it’d be easier than this,” Rose mumbled as she turned into the high street.

“You thought driving would be easy?”

“I thought that it’d be easy with us. I always thought that maybe, just maybe, you were just working out a way to come back for me. “I waited and waited – ‘five and a half hours’ you said. But I waited so much longer than that. But now that it’s happened… I wish it was easy.”

“Yeah, sorry about that whole five and a half hours business… Still, it’s nice to have you back again!” the Doctor told her truthfully.

“This is just so strange. Suddenly, here you are – and you have to stick it out with domestics.”

“It’s not too bad…”

Rose parked her car outside the camera shop and her and the Doctor got out and made their way towards the shop – both of them with their hands in their pockets.

Rose spent several minutes in the queue giving the Doctor time to inspect the current photographical technology available in store. When Rose managed to reach the front of the queue she was greeted by a rather grumpy looking sale assistant dressed in an elf costume – well, ‘costume’ was a bit of a strong word, more like ‘hat.’

Rose spent several minutes discussing the best print options and questioned how long it should take (having ignored the twenty-three, as counted by the Doctor, signs that indicated a processing time of one hour) and then giving over her name and details.

“Why can’t you just print them off on your computer?” The Doctor asked far too loudly causing the shop assistant to stare moodily at him. The Doctor waved cheerfully at him. “It’d be quicker – less than an hour, for sure!” The Doctor whispered leaning towards Rose.

“Mum wants me to do things the ‘normal’ way,” Rose sighed as she signed the slip for the photographs. The sales assistant clearly getting more and more bored as each second passed.

“You’re mum makes me laugh,” the Doctor said barely trying to keep his voice down. “Anyway,” he returned to whispering, “maybe, then we could have some more time together.”

“It’s so funny that, you, a Time Lord wants more time,” Rose told him quietly and then handed over some money to the sales assistant with a wide smile. “Of all the things you could want and it’s more time.”

“Well, I’ve got you back now,” the Doctor grabbed her hand to demonstrate.

“At least I won’t have to get you a Christmas present then,” Rose laughed squeezing his hand.


Several minutes later the Doctor and Rose were back in Rose’s stationary car. Rose drummed on the steering wheel with a random beat which reminded the Doctor of a rather unpleasant drum beat so he snapped Rose out it.

“So, while they’re in there getting developed, what do you want to do?”

“Let’s do some exploring,” Rose said turning to face the Doctor and grinning.

“Where?” The Doctor asked hoping the words ‘London Bus Tour’ weren’t going to escape her mouth.

“Why don’t we have another little wander in this universe?” Rose said slowly.

“What about Jackie?” the Doctor grimaced remembering her earlier reaction. “I wish I didn’t have that cup of PG Tips now,” he said licking his lips. “I should’ve gone with peppermint or something.”

Rose rolled her eyes. “What my mum doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Anyway, we’ll be back in an hour, yeah?”

“Of Course! Now, we just have to work out a way to grab the TARDIS before she sees us… Oh, great – I can’t believe I’m scared of Jackie Tyler.”


The Doctor and Rose arrived back at the Tyler mansion some time later with the hopes of stealing some time away together in the TARDIS. They’d called ahead of their arrival to ask if anyone was home but were informed by the answering machine that ‘sorry, we are unable to take your call right now. If you would like to leave a message please do so at the tone and we will do our best to return your call.’

Rose parked her car beside a couple of trees and the two of them did their best to keep un-noticed, crouching behind bushes and keeping their footsteps as light as possible.

“I quite fancy myself as a spy now,” the Doctor told Rose. Rose, in-turn, attempted to ‘shush’ him but let out a laugh instead. “You’ll probably need to work on your spy skills first though,” the Doctor pointed accusingly at her.

“It’s not me,” Rose told him seriously. “I’m brilliant at this stuff normally. I work for Torchwood – this is what I do.”

“Sneak into space ships?” The Doctor asked curiously and losing his hiding place by standing up tall. “That’s not very nice.”

“Just get down and be quiet.”

It took a further ten minutes for them to finally manage to sneak into the TARDIS. Rose was still getting re-used to the whole lifestyle – the flashing lights and constant (but soothing) humming and whirring of the TARDIS living. She’d actually had a conversation in (what she thought was) private with the TARDIS and had felt slightly more at ease afterwards. The Doctor had, of course, overheard the entire thing but was keeping it to himself thinking that the things Rose shared weren’t, as yet, re-shareable by an unknown share-holder (as the Doctor thought of it).

“That was fun!” Rose grinned.

“Next step: how do we leave?” The Doctor flicked a couple of switches knowingly while Rose watched on curiously.

“I always wanted to know how to fly this,” Rose told him creeping up next to him eyeing the buttons and switches and levers. “I’d probably be better at it than you,” she teased him.

“But you’ll probably never find out,” the Doctor turned to smile at her. “Flying lessons are out of the question.”

“Maybe next Christmas?” Rose laughed heading towards the seats. The Doctor gulped. Next Christmas. It felt like it was a million years away from this.

“We’ll see,” the Doctor laughed and then whacked a huge button somewhere in the middle of his visual field. A loud whirring and buzzing escaped the TARDIS. “Well, there goes the notion of surprise. If anyone’s home – they’re probably going to know we’ve just done a runner.”


Their first stop is the planet Nestaflion which was, bizarrely, covered in snow and bathed in pure sunlight. Rose marvelled at the strangeness of it and the Doctor was reminded of some of the first steps he’d watched her take into past times and future times and distant planets. Travelling with you, she had said, I love it. The Doctor couldn’t deny that he was hoping it was still the same case.

“What do you think?” The Doctor asked as he neared Rose who was stood staring open-mouthed at the scene in front of her.

“Beautiful – so beautiful,” Rose replied barely able to blink. “Oh, I’ve missed this so much,” she grabbed the Doctor’s hand. “I’ve missed – oh, thank you.”

The Doctor squeezed her hand tightly. He wasn’t quite sure she should be thanking him – perhaps he should be the one thanking her for that those perfect hands and that beautiful smile and those starlit eyes.


Their next stop is the planet Rosedito which was, beautifully, dotted in roses of all different colours. The Doctor marvelled at his genius in being able to track this planet down. Rose dragged him into a field of red roses and bent down to look at them closer.

“No thorns!” She said loudly. “Beautiful,” she breathed leaning closer to touch one. The Doctor thinks that the best rose in the universe – in any universe – is still the one by his side.

The Doctor joined her, crouching low on the ground. “I’ve seen better,” he whispered and Rose turned to eye him questioningly. “There you are,” he grinned and then jumped up. Rose followed suit and grabbed him in a tight hug.

“You know,” Rose started, half giggling-half seriously, “despite having a hug for every single occasion -”

“Pre-danger, post-danger, mid-danger, just for fun, running, and so on,” the Doctor listed while Rose remembered occasions for each one.

“- it never felt like we did it enough,” and just to further illustrate her point, Rose grabbed the Doctor in another hug. She doesn’t even think she can quite explain what it was like to miss him and try and carry on. She’d tried, of course, and she’d managed to become something on this planet – in this universe, but she’d never quite felt she had all her pieces. Holding the Doctor in the hug, though, Rose knew exactly which piece she was missing.


The next planet they go to is Popularis and they stop in the city Togatrae which was full of different beings all hunched together in pairs and groups. The Doctor and Rose observed these unities from a hill in the distance.

“Did you – were there – were you alone?” Rose asked suddenly causing the Doctor to stumble in his response.

“Well, there were other people travelling alongside -” he said carefully, “- not replacing you, Rose – never replacing you. No one can replace you,” he pulled her closer to him letting her head rest on his shoulder.

“You can’t get rid of me,” Rose attempted to laugh but managed to cough and let some tears drop instead.

“I wouldn’t want to, even if I could.”

“You’ve tried, though,” Rose muttered, accidentally letting slip a stray thought.

“I got you back in the end though, didn’t I?”

“Just changed a little.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a bit of change, now is there?”

“No,” Rose said closing her eyes and breathing in the moment. “There’s nothing wrong with change.”


The last planet they visit is Lexacolitae, which was a bit livelier than the previous stops (granted, they had landed in the middle of a market during a popular food festival). The Doctor kept Rose close to him, their hands slightly sweating as they tried to maintain their hold on each other. They attempted to take a closer look at the things on offer but managed to find themselves being squeezed deeper into crowds but further away from stalls.

After several minutes the Doctor decided he’d prefer not to lose her (again) here, of all places and dragged her back to the TARDIS. “We should probably get back now,” the Doctor said abruptly eyeing his watch which, unknown to Rose, was currently on the ‘stop watch’ function counting down to the time when hearts were going to be broken.


Back inside the TARDIS they agreed to paste a story together for Jackie’s sake – just in case she had noticed their little trip.

“Right,” Rose said taking a moment to think. “You give all the alien stuff and all the time and space stuff and I’ll deal with the domestic side.”

“We’re quite a team,” the Doctor remarked proudly, Rose nodded in agreement.

They returned, quickly, to the camera shop (parking the TARDIS in a small alleyway beside the shop) and picked up the photographs from the same sales assistant who had served Rose earlier and seemed to have gotten less and less in the Christmas spirit as the hours had progressed.

Jackie was waiting for them just by the front doors of the Tyler mansion when the TARDIS landed. She didn’t look too pleased as she tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for the doors to crash open.

The Doctor and Rose emerged from the TARDIS with Rose almost bowing in submission to whatever Jackie had to shout at them. The Doctor, however, attempted to win Jackie over with a grin.

“Where have you been?” Jackie growled completely ignoring the Doctor’s and Rose’s attempts at ‘sorry.’

“Someone stole my purse and it took ages to get it back!” Rose lied, guilt creeping into her mind – it hurt to lie to the woman who had done all she could to love and protect her daughter.

“We had to go back and then forward and then back and then forwards again - what a nightmare,” the Doctor said grabbing Rose’s hand for support but found it to be shaking.

“Fun, though,” Rose let slip and then attempted a smile to warm her mother’s heart and managed to reproduce memories in her mind of just being with the Doctor again, after all this time – her smile grew even further.

“Yeah -”

“Where?” Jackie interrupted clearly refusing to believe a word they were saying.

“Where what?”

“Where have you been?” Rose coughed and turned to look at the Doctor, trying to use her eyes to prompt him

“Oh, where – where did we go? We went to Lexacolitae, about fifty-six billion light years from here,” the Doctor told Jackie hoping the mathematical nonsense would sway her into believing their story. Rose bit her lip and bowed her head in a clear acceptance of where this conversation was heading: not somewhere good.

“And when?” Jackie asked hands firmly planted on her hips.

“Well, uh – let’s think,” the Doctor pretended to calculate the figures in his head, “roughly… Seven – oh – seven million years in your future.”

“When would that have been for those of us who don’t own a blue, time-travelling box?”

“About twenty-six hours ago,” the Doctor smiled, Rose elbowed him hard. “OW!” He shouted and glared at Rose. “What did you – I – Oh…” he finishes quietly noticing Jackie’s intense staring.

“TWENTY-SIX HOURS AGO! YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO GET THOSE PHOTOS DEVELOPED! How long is it supposed to take to develop photos?” Jackie said, hysterical.

“An hour,” Rose quietly told the gravelled pathway.

“Twenty-six!” The Doctor said loudly – almost triumphantly. “Twenty-six!”

“Twenty-six hours?” Jackie sighed. “I bet you’ve got a great explanation for that.”

“Well, we wanted to get them done in the best quality,” the Doctor smiled brightly at her. “They – they – they move and everything.”

“Hand them over then,” Jackie said putting out a hand for the packet. Rose obeyed and placed one of the two packs of photographs into her mother’s out-stretched hands. Jackie extracted the photographs from the packet and handed the packet back to Rose. She started to tilt them from side to side as if she was expecting some sort of holographic illusion. “They do not move!”

“Well, only if you do this -” and the Doctor grabbed the photographs from her hand and threw them up into the air. “See?”


Rose and Jackie returned to the inside of the Tyler mansion to sit in front of the warm fire while the Doctor was made to pick up all the photographs from the outside gravelled pathway.

“You couldn’t even wait one hour for a couple of photographs to be developed,” Jackie sighed.

“Sorry – it’s just… He doesn’t have long.”

“Do we?”

“He’s only got a bit of power to use in this universe. It’ll run out soon.”

“And then what?”

“And then he’ll go back.”

“And what about you?”

Rose couldn’t answer and, instead, pulled her knees up to her chin and stared intensely at the glowing fire.


“Everything alright?” the Doctor asked once he’d finished collecting up all the photographs and handing them back to a, still rather, furious Jackie. Rose tried to smile up at him from where she was sat, all wrapped up in a warm coat, a scarf and gloves, on a garden bench.

“Yeah, it’s just – she’s so scared about losing me. She just wants to make sure I remember she’s always going to be waiting for me – loving me,” Rose shrugged trying to sort things out in her own head.

The Doctor sat down beside her, put an arm around her and offered a soothing “mmmm…”

“And you still haven’t improved on your TARDIS flying skills,” Rose laughed.

“Thanks,” the Doctor frowned thoroughly wishing this was the last of the ‘you’re not a very good flier’ jokes.

“You know,” Rose started seeing the Doctor still frowning. “I was actually thinking of telling her we were still on Earth that whole time,” Rose told him.

“Ah – I could see how that could have been better… Yes…” the Doctor looked out across the front garden to the TARDIS and Rose followed his gaze. “It’s good you got doubles of those photographs, though…” the Doctor mused.

“Ugh,” Rose grumbled after several seconds of silence, startling the Doctor. “It’s just so unfair that I have to choose.”

“I’m sorry – I shouldn’t have come. I just couldn’t let it end like that – you said ‘forever’ and who am I to deny you forever? Don’t think you have to choose me – you can stay if you want.”

“Do you remember what I said to you at Canary Wharf?” Rose shivered and the Doctor wasn’t sure if it was because of the weather which was slowly getting worse or the remembering which, since he’d lost her to a wall, always seemed stained with pain. “I made my choice a long time ago and I’m never gonna leave you.”

“I remember,” the Doctor said taking in a deep breath of cold air.


After spending a long time talking over her future with Jackie (later being joined by Pete) Rose returned to the Doctor who seemed to have decided that setting foot inside the Tyler mansion was not a good idea.

“She’s a bit upset, isn’t she?” the Doctor asked nodding his head at the living room window through which they could see Jackie crying and being comforted by Pete.

“It’s because she knows what I’m going to say,” Rose told him tearing her eyes away from the window – she couldn’t bear seeing her mum like this. She sat on the bench’s arm rest so she had her feet up on the seat where the Doctor was.

“She’s psychic?” the Doctor sounded intrigued.

“She’s my mum,” Rose laughed and then let several tears spill over onto her cheeks.

“What are you going to say?”

“That I can’t say ‘no’ to you.”

“I haven’t even asked you anything,” the Doctor attempted to defend himself but Rose smiled.

“Are you going to?” She asked him, gently trying to prompt him to the conversation neither of them thought they’d ever be having.

“Well, I – well, of course – I mean – well, I’d like to – that isn’t to say that – well, you know -”

“Because she’s right - I can’t say no to you. I tried it once, it didn’t really work out.”

“I’m glad it didn’t,” the Doctor grinned, shifting closer.

“Me too. You did come back for me, though,” Rose said and moved to sit by the Doctor’s side.

“That’s true - I did come back for you,” the Doctor reached out for her hand.

“And this time?” Rose grabbed his hand.

“Same thing,” the Doctor squeezed her hand.

“I guess there’s only one thing we can do then,” Rose turned her head to face him

“The ‘did I mention it travels in time’ line, again?” the Doctor grinned at her.

“Actually, the ‘you could come with me’ line,” Rose laughed.

“Oh! That line. Well, yes, that’d be very appropriate.”

“Go on then.”

“Give me a moment,” the Doctor cleared his throat dramatically.

“You’ve had about fifty hours!” Rose laughed.

“Rose Tyler…” the Doctor said ever-so-slowly.

“Spit it out,” Rose told him, getting impatient.

“Rose Tyler…”

“Yes?” Rose rolled her eyed.

“Rose Tyler… I love you.”

“Yes, I’d love - I mean - what? That was – well, yes – I - that was the wrong line.”

“Worked though, didn’t it?”

“Quite right too.”


Rose returned to the living room in the Tyler mansion to find Jackie and Pete there along with Charlie. Rose had a talk with the three of them – gently explaining to Charlie that the stories she’d told him were all true and would you be okay if I lived out my dreams? She’d asked and he’d nodded, giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

An hour or so later, the Doctor was invited back into the house where he joined Rose on a sofa by the fireside.

“Can you believe it, Rose, all this because your mother wanted to get some photographs developed!” the Doctor laughed, elbowing Rose gently while she tried to suppress a giggle and the rest of the family just sat and watched – Pete trying to figure out the Doctor’s charm and Charlie trying to work out what was so alien about the human-looking Doctor in front of him. “Anywho, I’ve got a brilliant solution for you, Jackie!” The Doctor suddenly jumped up and smiled brightly.

Jackie still didn’t look too pleased. “As long as it doesn’t involve time travelling or travelling into space...”

“Takes the fun out of everything, your mum does,” the Doctor winked at Rose and Charlie.

“What’s the solution?” Jackie asked impatiently.

“A Polaroid camera!” The Doctor said cheerfully pulling out a Polaroid camera from one of his coat pockets. Pete smiled and Charlie laughed loudly.

“A Polaroid camera?” Jackie sighed.

“Brilliant, isn’t it?” Rose laughed and Jackie rolled her eyes. “Come on then, one for the album!”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - The End - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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