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you stole my heart

(a journal of impossible things and some not so impossible things)

You stole my heart...
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welcome. to stole_myheart aka lunaillustris' journal of fannish things. promoting: 100hp.contains. posts with varying content: from icons to fanfiction, from wallpapers to screencaps, and all sorts free for your use and amusement. main focus:harry potter. doctor who. house m.d. doctor/rose. ron/hermione.graphics. rules: take, comment, & credit if you wish. all i ask is for no hotlinking or editing. links: resources, q&a, affiliate, friend
fanfiction. please feel free to read and comment with general feedback and criticisms. please do not steal the work and claim it as your own. all contents of fanfiction (characters, places, etc.) belong to their respective owners and I do not get a single penny for anything. masterlist: here. credits. resources. layout one 'love don't roam' overrides by thefulcrum. layout two 'the sight of the stars' overrides by thefulcrum.the small screen loves. angel, the series. buffy the vampire slayer. dawson's creek. doctor who (new!who, s1 & s2). friends. house m.d.. hustle. lost. numb3rs. the o.c. (s1 & s2). one tree hill. roswell. scrubs. smallville. supernatural. ugly betty. will & grace. without a trace.
the big screen loves. a series of unfortunate events. batman begins. the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch & the wardrobe. finding nemo. the lord of the rings: trilogy. monster's inc. ocean's 11. ocean's 12. the prestige. spiderman. affiliates. affiliate.disclaimer. lunaillustris does not claim to own anything in this journal except her own creativity (though, that too, most likely stems from others). characters and images are copyright to their respective owners. last update: 25/07/07 30/04/08
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